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ADM has regularly organised public events, both nationally and locally.

These may take the form of a Forum concentrating on a particular architectural topic: street theatre celebrating some some aspect of urban design, or a contribution to Exhibitions. The skills involved in arranging, designing promotional material and participating in these events have also been used by clients who have required presentations to be made to their customers or staff.

Examples of events are:

Future Nature Forum: Urban Agriculture Event with three speakers
The Arkhive, Sheffield

PFI BY Design
Forum with three speakers
The Arts Space Centre, Sheffield

The Ryokka Project
Event with two speakers
The Arkhive, Sheffield

The Houses in Between
Promenade Theatre and musical
Winter Gardens, Sheffield

Imagineering Fair:
Exhibition Stand
The History of Lighting
The Country Exhibition, Warwickshire

A Walk in Time
Promenade Theatre and musical
The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

The Sahfid Architecture of Isfahan
Winter Gardens, Sheffield

Burning Diamonds:
low energy commercial building
Forum with 2 speakers
Broomhill Methodist Church Sheffield

Burning Diamonds:
low energy retail building

Forum with 3 speakers
RIBA, Portland Place London

New Directions in Office Developments 
National Conference
Cutlers Hall, Sheffield (coverage BBC Look North)

Microwave Sulphur lamps and Low Energy Indirect lighting Solutions
RIBA, Portland Place London

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