Architects & Landscape Designers


ADM thinks that well designed environments have the perceptions and wellbeing of their users, be they people, plants or processes, at their core.

Good design should provide environments that leave people feeling comfortable and enlivened. Human needs are complex and designs must incorporate functionality with creativity to provide considered appropriate responses.

A key to achieving a good design within a set budget is to coordinate an integrated design service where the consultant team are focussed together on all aspects of the client's needs.

ADM believes that good design is the result of judicious and timely design choices, made in partnership with the client, to make the client's investment go the furthest that the material resources which are available will allow.

The built environment accounts for over half of the energy consumption on the planet. ADM strive for the optimum use of the client’s resources to make a sustainable design response involving appropriate materials.

For the well-being of future users, ADM promotes the selection of materials that are less damaging in production and non toxic in their use.